We had reported a few days back that Manoj Kumar had filed a case against Shah Rukh Khan and Eros International for releasing Om Shanti Om in Japan without deleting the scenes that allegedly poked fun at him.

Now, it seems that the King Khan has held the distributors responsible for this debacle. When contacted, the Don said that when the controversy had arisen, he had personally apologized to Kumar as he genuinely respects senior actors. He added that the latest controversy was a result of the mistake on part of the distributors, who sent the old print to Japan, instead of the print with the deleted scenes.

In Om Shanti Om, Khan's character pretends to be Manoj Kumar to enter a starry event and covers his face with his hand (a famous Manoj Kumar gesture) to avoid being identified as an impostor. Kumar had objected to those scenes and had demanded that they be deleted as they were derogatory.

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